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Awards and recognitions

Long-term business was followed by numerous awards and recognitions.

We are proud of acknowledgment of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia that nominated our cosmetics brand Multiactiv twice in a row as the best serbian brand. 

Also, Multiactiv cosmetics is the holder of the prestigious international award The Arch of Europe which is the acknowledgement  for quality and excellence  of entire business and achieved results.

In 2014th   our Ultra Regenerative Serum won the Cosmopolitan Beauty Award for the best domestic cosmetic product.

Successful recertification according to the latest version of ISO 900:2015 standard is one more verification of equable quality of products and successful business. In September 2015th, new updated version of ISO 9001 standard is published. For companies which owns the certificate was left 3 years from the moment of publication to harmonize current system of management with demands of the new version.  Due to the significant novelties and changes that are included in the new version so far very few companies, not just in Serbia but in Europe decided to switch from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015. In YUCO-HEMIJA DOO and Multiactiv cosmetics manufacture, where extremely high importance is attributed to standardization and rigorous control of all stages of the process, this was not the case. The novelties have been accepted as a challenge that will improve business and the decision was made to immediately begin implementation. In the new version of the standard high importance is attributed to risk. According to that, additional analysis and methods for risk evaluation are implemented which is contributed to increasing business stability.

In addition to the ISO 9001 standard, which was implemented in 2002, since 2013, the production of Multiactiv Cosmetics has been harmonized with the requirements of the ISO 22716 / GMP standard, which demonstrates compliance with the principles of good manufacturing practice.

YUCO-HEMIJA DOO exceeded regional frames. Possessing the certificate to the potential business partners is given higher security of business, higher confidence, easier and faster business decision making with fewer risk.

By assessment of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and credit rating agency Coface, YUCO-HEMIJA DOO is in the group of 2.7% of the most succefull companies in Serbia.

Since January 22nd 2016. YUCO-HEMIJA DOO  can boast yet another exceptional recognition. Proud is the bearer of Excellent Small and Medium Enterprise – Excellent SME Serbia certificate, which is issued by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia in collaboration with credit rating agency Coface. Primary purpose of this certificate is promotion of successful companies, safe and secures business, and magnifying transparency on the market.

Based on financial analysis of business, assessment of morality and business risk, YUCO-HEMIJA DOO is classified in the group of successful companies. Validity of the certificate is based on continuous monitoring from the Corface agency and detailed analysis of financial reports and business risks as well. This acknowledgment is confirmation of economic quality. Shows of success and stability of the company, it also shows the credibility in domestic and international environment as well.  

YUCO-HEMIJA DOO exceeded regional frames long time ago. With its assortment it is present in the European, Asian, Russian and African markets. Possessing the certificate to the potential business partners is given higher security of business, higher confidence, easier and faster business decision making whit fewer risk.