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Formulas and ingredients

Have you ever wondered how a cosmetic is produced?

When developing a new product in the plant of cosmetics products, as well as in other plants of YUCO HEMIJA, after creating product in the laboratory followed its testing. Products made in the laboratory tested for stability and durability, if it meets all the criteria required quality, access to the trial production. Production of test samples together with a questionnaire given to the survey. Based on the results of the survey products can be additionally adjusted. Before the start of the production of industrial product undergoes clinical and dermatological examination. Production is organized in accordance with international quality standard ISO 9001, which is a guarantee constant quality products.

How to choose the ingredients of the formulation which make your skin beautiful and cared.

The production process starts the control of the raw materials included in the composition of the product, as well as every phase of manufacture.

Since the MULTIACTIV products based on the components of natural origin (oils, extracts), we ensure that the raw material is always fresh and best quality, in order that the ultimate effect of such component on the skin is maximized.

Also we are very concerned about the origin of the raw materials, we see that they are vegetable and mineral origin and with as few allergens. For example -glycerol monostearate which is an emulsifier in many products, then the primary emulsifier REVITA DERM collection, as well as many emollients are of plant origin. Collagen and elastin of the skin or structural elements are also of plant origin. These substances adopts the skin better, less likely to cause irritation of the skin, and creams are more effective and better.

What is more interesting is that the hyaluronic acid mainly derived from bacteria, however it is important to emphasize that we buy from the only manufacturer in the world which is made from non-pathogenic strains of bacteria and it is licensed. A number of other suppliers for its production using strains of staphylococci and the like.

The quality of smell also very mindful since they are often the cause of allergies and buy them from the best known manufacturers from which they buy the world's most famous names in the field of cosmetics.

In addition to the quality of raw materials is very important the quality of water used for production, but we are in our drive for this purpose equipped with the latest water purification plants, which gives the water of prescribed quality.

The bulk of our products are creams and lotions that belong emulsions. Since the emulsions are unstable systems that make up the aqueous and the oil phase, in addition to good emulsifying it is essential that the production is done in high-quality devices with the most advanced system of the mixing and homogenizing of the product.

After mixing, the next phase of production is filling product. The degree of automation to us at this stage is very high, the drive is equipped with a new line for the filling of products consisting of automatic filler, which are filled with products in the jar or bottle, siling device where the jar is placed an aluminum foil; then another device is closing products and end labeling where the beautiful labels on products. There is a special device for filling tube, where the tube filled with different volumes.

After filling, the product is printed expiration date and batch marking to allow the monitoring of the market, which is required procedures in the quality system ISO 9001.

The plant is located and the latest machine for cellophaning where the finished printed product in a paper box cellophane sheets (polyethylene film). It provides assurance to consumers that the product is not contaminated opening.

In the facility we have ability to fill the produces in bags, they are now producing for hotel cosmetics, and saw, also samples to promote MULTIACTIV products because we want as many customers try our products and be assured of their quality.