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Multiactiv SUN products marked this summer. We designed Care&Protect colletion for te protect and care of the skin while sunbathing, and special formulated line for sensitive skin caled Sensitive Care.


In honor of a quarter century of YUCO-HEMIJA and in order to provide consumers with only the best, top quality products that meet the needs of the most demanding we have perfected and redesigned the well-known collection of Multiactiv cosmetics.


As a manufacturer that follows the latest trends in cosmetology and which is traditionally believed Multiactiv introduced to the market of Serbia a new "must - have" product for beauty - Ultra Energy Cream and Ultra-Regenerating Serum with snail slime filtrate. Cosmetics with this intriguing but extremely good ingredient has already become a trend in the world, while in the domestic market is absolutely new.


Changes in packaging and introduction of new products in the Anti Age collection were key for another redesign. Support marketnig sector in order to increase market share and convergence products to consumers was stronger than ever. In the country and the region in 2009. Multiactiv brand presents new product under the Anti Age collection - Perfect Lift regenerative cream for skin tightening, intended for the care of all types of mature skin. While, the packaging gets a new, reduced and sophisticated look, where glass jars replaces with practical plastic packaging.

This period is marked by the revolutionary Revita Derm collection based on a unique combination of hyaluronic acid and Coenzyme Q10.


Following the successful introduction of the Middle Age collection and launch the brand Multiactiv company YUCO-HEMIJA continues to strive towards their goals, and they are well positioned in the market, competitive advantage and satisfaction of consumers wants and needs. Over the years, as technology has advanced and how they take turns trends, both developed and Multiactiv cosmetics. Significant progress has been made in the field of technology, but also design, packaging and promotions.

To that end, in 2004, saw the first redesign Middle age collection, which is awarded the title of Anti Age and this name is kept up to date.


Multiactiv cosmetics becomes available on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.


Multiactiv, was created in 1997 by starting production Middle age collection, specially designed to care and protect skin after the age of forty. At the beginning of 1997, when the products were completely new to the market for Multiactiv brand ambassador we hired one of the most beautiful Serbian actress Snežana Savić. We have achieved the target. A familiar face has attracted the attention of consumers and the quality of products has kept their attention.

The initial concept of production Multiactiv Middle age collection, was to offer the market products of good quality, with prices available to a wide range of customers, which proved to be very successful. Consumers are able to assess what they are paying and what they are getting for their money. That is how the Middle age collection, which is now known to consumers under the name Anti Age and is synonymous with high-quality skin care.

At the outset, given that it was a completely new technology and products, bought the recipe for production. Later, within the manufacturing plant sector formed a development that, following the world trends in cosmetology and in accordance with the results of market research about user needs and requirements we continuously working to introduce new, high-quality products.

All items middle age, or Anti Age collection are harmonious blend of vitamins, plant extracts, natural oils and high quality of the base. The presence of carefully selected active components of plant origin gives this collection differential advantage in the marketplace. The quality of products is in the range of foreign products of the same category, but the price is adjusted to the purchasing power of the domestic market.