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Mission, vision and value


An extraordinary skin care is our specialty and mission. We are a leading domestic manufacturer of cosmetic products, which for 20 years high-quality products meets the wishes, needs and expectations of its customers. Our mission is to develop superior quality of our products and Multiactiv brand, advancing and functioning as a team with our partners and customers.


For us, the beauty is care. Our vision is that everyone finds the ideal formula of Multiactiv cosmetics for themselves and to achive a healthy, natural and beautiful lood with proper and regular care. 


Thanks to the excellent quality and reasonable prices, we managed to Multiactiv cosmetics become a recognizable brand in Serbia and neighboring countries. Today Multiactiv cosmetics is synonymous for quality skin care. For the money you invest in buying Multiactiv products, consumers will get more than they expected. This is a concept that distinguishes us and provides us continuous growth and loyal customers.