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Deep facial cleansing


Deep facial cleansing

Jovana Ždero

Profound face cleaning is a process which is mostly done in beauty centres. This treatment comprises pilling (dead cells removal), steam-bath in regard to heating of skin so the pores can be spread as much as possible. After that we remove spots and blackheads, manually or by appliance, and then put masks for tranquilizing and pore incarceration. Based on skin type, face should be purified monthly or one in two months. If it is oily skin, it is necessary to do deep purification every month. If skin is dry and more mature, then we clean it once in two months.

It is necessary to explain that skin pilling can cause skin defect, because there is always possibility of harmful effect on pH value which actually represents acid envelope which protects sub skin laying from infection.Deep purification can be done by classic method (manually) which is more painful way or by appliance (super sonic) which is painless and comprises bigger skin surface and do not leave redness. Deep cleaning secures normal skin function, by which skin becomes fresh and luminous, tonus is better and skin absorption of cream, mask or serum is much higher.

By regular purification and care, skin remains fresh, young, with noticeably less wrinkles and loose muscles.

It is better and much easier to put make-up on well cleaned face and it is easier to nourish and moisture skin at home in that case. If you want to clean your face by yourself, our recommendation is to make on your own treatment which consists of ground line seed (macrobiotics) and combination of camomile, mint, hypericum, a little bit of honey and lukewarm water. Gelatine stew which is made of those ingredients should put on your face and make it warm by towel (duration 15 minutes).

After that wash your face and on your fingertips put handkerchiefs and then you can squeeze blackheads. Line seed has nourishing influence on epidermis and provides easier cleaning of skin. Pilling before purification can be done with smaller or bigger granules, that depends on the skin type – oily skin (smaller), dry skin (bigger). If it is oily skin, pilling should be longer and if it is dry skin pilling should be gentle and compendious. However, our domestic “Multiactiv Contour“ pilling can be applied on all skin types, because it is creamy, gentle and neutral, so it does not make any skin damages. Also, every cosmetic line has, by rule, its own pilling.

If you frequently make pilling, it is good to sometimes make natural pilling of maize semolina, honey and lukewarm water. Apply mask before showering. After 15 minutes remove mask by circulated movements and shower your face.

Epidermis cell renewal continues 3-4 weeks, so it should pay attention not to apply pilling too often.