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Neck and chest skin care


Neck and chest skin care

Jovana Ždero

Eyes area is very sensitive, but neck is one of the first areas which are influenced by maturity age. Pollution, sunlight-induced ageing, collagen lost and effort that our muscles make for head supporting enable wrinkle development. That is not something that we can stop, but we can delay that process and reduce negative effects. 

Natural collagen loss (which begins in thirties) reduces skin elasticity and because of it skin unbraces and forms smaller crinkles. Every head movement, no matter is it big or small, additionally stretches out and shrivels the skin. Over the time, those crinkles are being deeper and as skin drains, they become permanent wrinkles, and big muscles for head supporting become less tightened.

Main golden rule is to treat your neck as a face extension, when you do daily routine of purification, toning and moisturising. Do not stop at chin. Go on all the way to clavicle. It seems so obvious, but is astonishing how many women do not follow those basic care steps. That means to clean all traces of make-up, dirt and pollution. Gently remove upper laying of dead cells, and moisturize existing skin cells in that area. Apply cream by doing long, circulated movements, so in that way you are doing muscles massage and in the same time you stimulate circulation. All that can help to improve skin texture and appearance.

Regular day and night cream should be effective, but if you want to provide your skin the best, you should use products which are specialized for neck and décolleté. In our market mostly we can find foreign, imported products and domestic brand Multiactiv. Multiactiv Cosmetics offers two specialized products: serum and cream.

Multiactiv Special Care Serum consists of active components which give skin all that is needed for quick recovery and adjusted functioning. It hydrates, renews and freshenes skin structure, which brings back its primordial tonus and elasticity. In comparison with the other treatments serum permeates into the skin 40% deeper, so it is much more effective. Youngish can use it as prevention, in a way that will apply serum on face, every morning and evening, which is additional drainage and stimulating of circulation.