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Snail slime cosmetics

Snail slime cosmetics

Snail slime cosmetics

Dragana Cibula

Completely different care

As manufacturer which follows latest achievements and trends in cosmetology and which is traditionally trusted, this fall Multiactiv cosmetics presented new „must have“ beauty products – Ultra energy cream and Ultra regenerative serum with snail slime filtrate. Cosmetic with this intriguing, but highly beneficial ingredient is already a trend in the world, but for the domestic market is a big novelty, where cosmetic products is concerned. New products of Multiactiv cosmetics are unique because they contains 80% of snail slime filtrate. This unusual ingredient is colected by special tehniqe, treated with the specific process, so that later could be found in the form of the filtrate as the main constituent of cosmetic preparations. The cream and serum are intended for the women and men of all ages and all skin types, very pleasant scent and light texture. Innovative gel formula is rich in natural active ingredients that effectively repairs and strengthens the structure of the skin and make it healthy. Snail slime is mixture of allantoin, collagen and elastic, natural antibiotics, vitamins A, C and E, glycol and hyaluronic acid, which has beneficial effect on the skin, protecting it from damage, infection and UV rays.

Ultra energizing cream is extremely helpful in rejuvenating the skin, improves elasticity, provides intense hydration, reduces existing wrinkles and slows the emergence of new, reduces irritation and enhanced pigmentation of the skin.

Ultra regenerative serum is used for target arias around eyes, lips, neck, forehead and mimic wrinkles. The natural active ingredients contained in the snail slime penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and very effectively renew and reinforce the structure of the skin, giving it strength and elasticity.


The launch of new product lines with the filtrate snail slime is just one of the projects that are currently being successfully realized in business YUCO-HEMIJA which confirms the constant development and growth of the company. Since 1989 when it was founded, YUCO-HEMIJA through business results showed that it has grown into a company that is considered to be a reliable business partner, and the Multiactiv brand has become synonymous for quality.

In addition to cosmetics, the company is successfully engaged in the production of hygiene products in households and industry, as well as production of complex liquid fertilizer for flowers. The company employs 70 workers, of whom 30% are university graduates. Successful cooperation has been established with more than 1 000 business partners, and operates with all major domestic and international, retail chains.

In order to meet priorities and highly set goals, since 2002 YUCO-HEMIJA in business apply quality managing system EN ISO 9001, and from the same year cosmetics manufacture is certificated according the ISO 22716 standard which demonstrate principles of good manufacturing practice . The company has the latest automated production equipment and production capacity today amounts to about 200 tons of cosmetic products per month, equivalent to about 3 000 000 production units.

Capacities like this increase the capacity of export opportunities, and currently undergoing project is to conquer the markets of the Middle East which means more than 100 million potential buyers in Turkey, Egypt and other countries. Although business conditions are extremely difficult, this year the company opened a market of Turkey, when it comes to exports. This has led to significant developments and growth in exports, so its rate relative to the same period last year achieved 63% in growth.